Monday, 13 June 2011

Ringing Roger and other places in the Peaks..

Some inspiration, I just thought I'd google the Ringing Roger and other area's in the Peaks:

I found that site, it makes me feel all warm inside looking at places I've seen and run in the past. Remembering the pain and feel of each season with varying degree's of sun, snow and rain on my skin. I'm sure it's all worth while in the end. Lately I've not been running as much dew to a slight ankle niggle but i'm sure it's nothing. And i'll give it another go later with a 6 mile recovery run. I must get back out there on to the hills, I think that's what I'm chasing. I'm not sure any runner know's what they're really chasing (apart from the guy in front..) but still that's what makes me smile.

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