Thursday, 9 February 2012

Jan, Feb and much snow fun!

In Jan I went snowboarding, while I was there I attempted some running of sorts.. I say of sorts as it took me about 30mins to do 2 miles. There was a foot of snow and massive ascent, so if nothing else it was good hill work! On the way down I filmed the trail on my phone till my thumbs started to stop working. And the trail ran out..
I've been working steadily on my hill reps for my BGR attempt. I'm up to 22 now and I think I'll stay at that for a while now as it seems to be just enough and still seems like quite allot.

Last Sat Tim, Mark and I ran to Alsager (19.5 miles) and Tim and I ran the Alsager 5. Again mainly in snowy conditions with some blood on the floor (not mine!)
It was nice to take it fairly steady on a race that was so quick, I managed 32:52mins which was ok I guess. I'm still not sure my lungs are up to 5miles flat out any way. Also I never realised the route passes past my Grandad's old house and my Aunties house.

Next Anglaze Arke Amble.. I may take some seal skins for this one if the weather stay's as it is. To be honest I can't see it changing.. 

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