Sunday, 28 December 2014

Te Araroa

It's been a while since I've felt I've had any running/hiking exploits to talk about that are of interest. But I'm going to try and make an effort to blog about my holiday doing the Te Araroa. This is basically end to end of New Zealand:

I'm not sure if I'll finish or how far I'll do or what. I've done some research and even the best out there don't set schedules for this. So basically I'm just going to enjoy the route and make the most of my time on the route. 

I'm not looking forward to carnivorous parrots:

And the Weta: 

But I'm sure I'll be ok... 


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  2. Good luck Roger! :) Sharing your blog with lots of people you've helped with challenges, they might find it hard to get to NZ to help you, but will in spirit :) Have an excellent time! Skelly x