Friday, 12 August 2011

Lakeland 100

There's way too much to say on this subject but here goes: The landscapes were amazing, the support was unreal, people in day and night cheering us on! I just wish I could have stopped at all the lovely pubs. Everything went to plan for me apart from my feet getting shredded by the unforgiving loose rock. I decided to use nuun's and I'm pretty sure they really helped, I had no cramps and no real muscle pain. I went slower than the Housman but honestly I don't care and because of the mountains of loose rocks I think in my case it was almost impossible (for me at least). I think the only way to get good at running the Lakeland ascents is to just run them. There's nothing like them at least that I've seen so far. They're unforgiven but very cool. The stats are a bit scary 250 entered 130 dnf'd :(

Everyone I spoke too/ran with was very cool and very friendly even when there was large groups of us getting lost in a field..

30hrs 7mins and 7 or more blisters some of which were bandaged up at Mardale head.

Here's my at the start still far to fresh:
I wasn't too sure why everyone was running so fast at this point but still it was a bit of a giggle..

Back to marathon training then followed by more ultra training, starting want a brake about now but i'm sure i'll pick up :)

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