Tuesday, 20 September 2011

High Peak 40 and St Thomas 7 (the day after)

On the Saturday it was the High Peak 40 and this being my second attempt I wanted allot more than I could get out of it. I set off fast and maybe a little too fast but it felt good. And not just for a few miles, I felt good till about 20miles. I then realised I was more or less repeating what I did last year. Last year I got to 20 then felt terrible for some reason. I think I just need to train more hills. I was overall faster than last year but I'm quite sure I walked loads more than last year. I had this incredible heart burn pain at 20 which felt like a small heart attack. This didn't go away until the other side of Cave Dale (30miles maybe?) by which time I'd pretty much lost my pace and the will to live. I almost had a come back at 33miles when I started running with a few people and then completely bonked when I hit a small hill. On the way up the hill I saw a sheep with rigour mortis which was pretty much how I felt. On the last mile I was reduced to a stumble, I've never bonked like this before. The 1st lady in caught me and said: "Are you ok? Do you need some sweets?" I didn't even think about that, I was so out of it. I immediately went "Yes that's it I'm sure I'm low on sugar". And i was! I managed a run in for the last mile. On the last 10miles I went from 13th to 21! God know's I've learnt a valuable lesson on this attempt, take more sugar! I actually think I may have over hydrated before the race which may have caused the heart burn but I'm not sure and I've had it before. It was probably just unlucky. Any way I can't really complain I did 6:51 which is 66mins faster than last year. So if I actually run it and kept up with the guy who said "at this rate we'll be in around 6hrs" I guess I'll be in around 6hrs.. But it is a tough one and I don't really know why. The hill's aren't that steep but I think the combination of hill, general not well being and 35% of the running was on road made it tough..

As for Sunday, why would any one run a 7 mile race the day after a 40miler! FREE OATCAKES! That's why. That and to support Mark C as he's a nice guy, fellow club runner and he organised it all. This surprisingly went better than the day before, which I guess means I'm fit enough just unlucky in the first race. I set off with Craig from Newcastle AC and a steady pace and generally chatting, probably too much for his liking but still we had a laugh taunting Gary about nicking his Oatcakes. I was really at odd's whether or not to race this one so I took it steady and said to Craig "I'll stick with you till I either go backwards or forwards". And surprisingly at 3/4miles I started to slowly easy away from him. I then at what I thought was the same pace. Still not pushing too hard and not that out of breathe took 4 more runners. I wish I had this on the 40, I guess that's a different game! I felt comfortable and happy. The course was great, undulating but not too hilly. The hill's were runnable and the down hill's were fast. Unlike the High Peak I think I'd like to do this one again next year and actually race all the way. I finished in 48mins and 16th overall, 5th in my age group which I've been told doesn't count but still it's something and I'll take what I can get.. At the end I jogged back for Claire and ran her in, hense the above picture. Although it would have looked better if I wasn't running with my goodie bag. Kinda looks like I did some shopping before I met her. We also finished just in take for the rain to start so we all hobbled back to the car. On returning I necked all 6 of my Oatcakes with cheese and brown source and I don't care! Screw you runners world diet plans!

All that's left now is my favorite: winter XC's and Britains premier ultra marathon the Round Rotherham.. I wonder if they removed the floating fridge from the canal.. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.. 

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