Saturday, 31 December 2011

NYE! and silly goals

I've finally reached my mile goal this year of 3500. I ended up doing 3514 :) Had to do 34 today which is kind of last minute and makes me laugh but it was kind of worth it for my silly goal. I ran to Alsager and back, which is a run I till now used to do to visit my great aunt who sadly is spending the last of her day's in hospital at the moment. At 92 year's of age she definitely had a good life. I think I'll still run this route if not just to remember her.

Some plans for next year, in no order.
3120 miles! (ha)
UTMB (if I get in)
London silly road running marathon, just to say I did it..
Fellsman (shortly after silly over populated road jogging)
Anglezarke amble
Bob Graham round+ lot's of training on the fell's before hand!
Dovedale dipper
Round Rotherham
No run further, too much else to do!
Marlborough Downs challenge for my birthday :)
Cader Idris
Summer series
Spring Treble
And anything else along the way that I might have forgot..

Happy new year!

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