Monday, 7 May 2012

Busy busy busy... AGAIN

A quick re-cap of what I've been up too. Or at least the bit's that seem memorable/I can remember.
If I don't take note now this will all get dog piled in one big lump. 2 weeks ago I did the London Marathon and well and truely ruined everything on the day by going off too fast, getting stitch and walking around 20 times. Generally speaking I felt the whole experience to be a little frustrating. I can see why people love London but it's just not me!
One can only assume copyright is void with all watermarking they did here :)

The week after was the Fellsman, which as most know was called off at 1:40am dew to weather conditions. But at least I finished. Not in a great time but still I met some nice chaps and had a good laugh. Some highlights were, a guy pooring boiling water over my bag while I was trying to get my glove out. When I asked what he was doing he replied: "I'm making tea". He wasn't making tea! He was watering my bag. I didn't get angry I just eased away with my numbness. Speaking of which I still can't feel my toes. My doctor tell's me I've finally damaged my nerves. Generally speaking better than some poxy city jog (sorry my beloved road running pals).
Which brings me up to date. Yesterday I did leg 4 of the BGR with Simon and Dale. Which was truely awesome. I can't wait to get up there. Most people probably think I'm nuts but I'm loving all the views and ups and downs. 

This blog is really getting a bit messy in terms of consistency but then this is as I may have mentioned before more for me to remember and look back on. I don't want to get old and go yeah I did some running.. I think.. To be honest I do that now. I had to think quite hard to remember the first leg of the Fellsman..

Next is Marlborough Downs followed by Riga marathon. And then I need to make some blog space for my Bob Graham Round (attempt). I'll write more as and when I get time... Possibly more photo's too follow. Maybe even some legal ones. 

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