Sunday, 3 June 2012

Marlborough Downs and Riga Marathon

Just a few notes. I should write more but I have way to much on my plate at the moment. To summarise, in short: new door ££££, boiler problems ££££?? awaiting quote.. New door not finished, probably due to rain.. EVEN THOUGH I'VE PAID THEM!!! Slight problem with a canvas I sold.. Something else. I forget too many phone calls.. No running.. Must taper..

Any way, running:

Great, ran with Mark who did his famous negative split which knackered me but felt good overtaking people even in the last mile of an ultra! No pb but Mark and I got 4th and 5th. I let him have 4th as it's his first. Even though that would have been my first 4th ever. But still I was 5th last year and I'm sure i'll get there. It's best not to be greedy :)
Mark and his kitchen sink bag :)

After my terrible run in London I decided to try for a negative split or even split after Mark's influence. And honestly I didn't want to hurt myself this close to my BGR. So I did it and it felt great, again I was over taking people in the last mile still. I think there's allot to be said for going out steady. Here's my split:

I lost the link for the Riga photos.

BGR next :)

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