Friday, 20 May 2011

Housman 100 cometh..

Only a few day's now till I run the Housman 100 mile LDWA event. 9 in fact if you count today. I'm going to do quite a large tapper next week as I don't want to turn up with anything wrong with me as I'm sure at some point in the race I'll think there's something wrong with me.. If any one wants to sponsor me that would be great:

I've been told from a friend who did the marshall's walk "it's tough and quite allot of hills" She said to get allot of hills under my belt. And I have, well I think I have basically most day's if I've been running it's been up and down a hill. The downs always seem to get me more than the up's. Although after last year's Long Tour of Bradwell I where I got shin splints from both I guess both are just as bad. But we'll see, I will want to take it steady, get to around 65 feeling good and with plenty of fuel and generally enjoy the route and have a good time. I see these events as holiday's. The immense view's and vista's keep me going and motivate me to carry on. This is probably why off road appeals to me. If I'm running around a housing estate or city scape at max efforts I tend to get bored. More rolling hill's please. 

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