Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Marlborough Downs Challenge (33 miles, run further #1 short)

For my birthday this year (not yet happened till the 19th) I asked the gf if she'd kindly give me a lift to Marlborough for the Marlborough downs challenge. My first race in the runfurther series: http://www.runfurther.com/ I thoroughly enjoyed it, I went out quite fast and some how kept it going, I could see the top 3/4 runners most of the way, well up till the 17 mile mark. The great thing about this race is the field of view. I'm sure I could see near a mile in front of me at some points so it was easy to track my position in the race. The route was well marked in places but they did say this would be the case so for some parts you really had to find your way and others not so. I mainly relied on my new found love in navigation terms which is my garmin 205 and route description when of course a small digital map with a line just doesn't cut it at a two way path.. Fortunately I didn't run into any hedges trying to read this time.

I was really impressed with the more or less everything on this run the Marshall's were mega friendly. My favorite thing said by one Marshall was when I passed a turning point by a few meters then went back on myself, they said "would it help if we put a marker there for that turn?" I said "it's a bit late now I think". They weren't too offended I think/hope :) The finishing mug was fantastic, a locally hand made mug by http://www.whitehorsepottery.co.uk/ The end meal was also great: I chose pasta, pesta with salmon! My end result was 4:31 (although my garmin read 4:24 but it did die at one point so probably was wrong) and 5th overall. Probably worth mentioning Dave Jelley who came 4th who runs/organises runners holiday's: http://www.jelleylegs.co.uk/ Also I can't believe how great my socks are, after numerous testing as most runners seem to have to go through with gear. I'm using running bear socks and they're awesome for these events. They don't seem to retain water when wet and are really comfy, another blister free run!

I only hope this is the start of things to come with regards to my position and time for this event :) Awesome, awesome run, I'd recommend it to any one. Most hills were runnable and definitely not boring.

Garmin seemed to mess this up but thought i'd add it any way:

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