Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Spring Treble and Market Drayton 10k

Going short again with race distances and this was a first: I raced twice in one week. I always wanted to do the spring treble as it's run by my club and it's cross country, also the last race is a mile from where I live so great to get to. They were all superb apart from being savaged by the mosquitoes! Any who each course was pretty tough and everyone had trouble deciding which was the toughest, personally I'd say the first and last but then some thought milford (the middle one) was the toughest. So I'll go with they were all pretty damn tough! But fun, 5miles and great support. Market Drayton was interesting, I more or less stopped racing 10k's but Muller was my favourite when I did and as the Market Drayton 10k is more or less the same I thought I'd give it a go. They managed to pull of just as good turn out as last year if not better in terms of the technical t-shirt which I actually prefer to the cow from last. Over all pretty sweet, great weather and a 9min pb :)

The Spring Treble 12 overall for the series 32.20 was my best race time and Market Drayton 10k 28th: 38:02

Here's my grr face at The Spring Treble on the last lap of the Kibblestone race, note here Ray is next to me who seemed to keep up with me on each race then beat me at the end of each by a few seconds. He won his age group:

Awesome t-shirt from The Spring Treble with a map of each race on it:
Back to the long efforts this week, 33 miler at Marlborough Downs on Sat (my birthday treat)

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